KING TECHINA – CM3000, CS Plus and Lipidmate

CM3000 (Coated Sodium Butyrate 30%)

This product is made by intelligent microcapsule technology, which can protect sodium butyrate pass through stomach and gradually release in the intestine. It can protect gut health and improve animal performance.

CS PLUS (Microencapsulated Cysteamine HC 27%)

CS PLUS is King Techina’s target release microencapsulated cysteamine HCl. It is produced by inteligent microcapsule technology and can pass through stomach and gradually in the intestine. It can promote growth, increase lean meat and reduce feed converation ratio.

LIPIDMATE (Compound Emulsifier)

Lipidmate is a new type of compound emulsifier, which contains several emuslfiers with hight and low HLB values. Its emulsification is stable and durable. It can increase utilization of fat and oil, improve animal performance and save feed cost.