Jansen Poultry Equipment

Complete solutions for poultry production

During Ildex 2019, Jansen Poultry Equipment will present various solutions for the production of hatching eggs, poultry meat and consumption eggs. Innovative solutions, designed by specialized poultry managers and engineers, that meet the needs of today’s breeder, broiler and laying hen.

Maximum number of clean hatching and consumption eggs

Maximizing breeder and layer production depends on several factors. One of these factors is the right equipment. Our Premium+ laying nest is for more than 30 years the best-selling nest worldwide and is a key factor in achieving the best production results.

Its high nest acceptance, minimal amount of floor eggs and use of high quality materials are reasons why many farmers world-wide favour the Premium+ laying nest.

The nest is designed to stimulate natural behaviour of the hens and to provide a comfortable and hygienic environment to lay eggs.

The key to maximize broiler production

The BroMaxx colony system is a revolutionary system which maximizes the broiler production in a healthy and clean environment. Manure falls through the specially designed FlexFloor slats onto the integrated manure belt. Regular removal of the manure improves the health of the broilers and reduces the use of antibiotics to an absolute minimum. The patented anti-spill feed pan contributes to an optimal Feed Conversion Rate and uniform broiler flock with premium meat quality. The BroMaxx broiler colony system is designed for high bird density. Its smart harvesting methods result in significant labour savings and a higher return on investments.

Come meet our team during Ildex 2019 and find out what Jansen Poultry Equipment can do to maximize your poultry production. We look forward to seeing you at booth J26.

For more information, check https://www.ildex-indonesia.com